Will Sharjah See Higher Rent Hikes in 2024?

Rental Hike Prediction Sharjah Real Estate 2024

The rental market has remained remarkably stable in Sharjah real estate with minor rental increases. It makes it highly affordable for tenants to reside in villas in Sharjah easily. The rent increases for tenants have remained minor and inexpensive, frequently kept below the 5% threshold during renewal periods. With properties available in Sharjah real estate, stable rents are expected amidst property hikes and demand. Even when the three-year rental term ends, tenants are prepared to experience a significant surge, but with villas in Sharjah, none has to be entertained.

This piece examines the dynamics between landlords and tenants. Sharjah Real Estate looks at the variables influencing this trend and speculates about future developments that will devise great opportunities for property buyers.

Making a villa investment in Sharjah property market is the most amazing feature to gain good rentals.

Renewals and Tenant Expectations

As residents exited the 3-year rent-freeze period on contracts signed in 2020 and early 2021, there was an expectation of soaring lease rates. However, contrary to predictions, landlords primarily focus on smooth cash flow through renewals. The ease of this process and the desire to maintain overall occupancy levels in their buildings are vital factors. With stiff competition from new projects in popular locations, landlords are strategically navigating the market.

Insights from the Sharjah Real Estate Market

A recent report by property services consultancy Asteco sheds light on the rental movements in Sharjah. The popular residential locations in the emirate have, on average, recorded a modest 4% rise year-to-date. Notably, the new residential communities or high-rises have experienced sharper increases, averaging 6%. This surge is attributed to tenants capitalising on improved amenities and superior-quality apartments in these developments. The surge concludes that the immediate investment for Sharjah real estate can secure a promising future.

What Lies Ahead in Sharjah Real Estate Market 2024?

Some property market sources predict that established neighbourhoods and apartment buildings in Sharjah may witness more pronounced rent increases in the latter half of 2024. The population of Sharjah has grown as compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the trends being observed in the mentioned states are simultaneously incorporated by Sharjah real estate to match the calibre of the other famously renowned Emirates. The high influx of tenants is expected to increase rental prices, especially for villas in Sharjah.

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Current Rentals and Market Dynamics

The Asteco report provides insights into current rental rates across different locations in Sharjah. For instance, 2-bedroom apartments in Al Majaz range from Dh20,000 to Dh46,000, while those in Rolla average Dh18,000 to Dh26,500. Similarly, Al Nahda sees rents between Dh18,000 and Dh35,000. Interestingly, despite the varying locations, rent increases have remained modest, ranging from 1% to 3%. This suggests that landlords align their asking prices with the market average, even in new buildings, avoiding significant rental distortions between new and old tenant leases.

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In conclusion, the Sharjah property market is stable, with tenants experiencing reasonable rent increases during renewals. Landlords, focused on maintaining occupancy levels and navigating market competition, have contributed to this equilibrium. The Sharjah property market is continuously growing as those investors looking to invest in Dubai properties are more likely to fall for this Emirates as many other fabulous property options, such as villas in Sharjah, are available at feasible deals. This is a significant contribution in escalating the rental prices as expected in 2024 due to property demand and a heavy influx of investors and tenants rushing to this state.


1. What specific factors are driving the Sharjah property market to gain a reputation?

The stability in Sharjah’s rental market can be attributed to landlords prioritising renewals for smooth cash flow and avoiding drastic decreases in overall occupancy levels. Additionally, competition from new projects has influenced their approach to pricing.

2. Why have rents increased in new residential communities?

Rental increases in new residential communities and high-rises are driven by tenants capitalising on improved amenities and superior-quality apartments. The higher demand for villas in Sharjah has increased the rental prices but is less than that of a villa in Dubai.

3. Is Masaar a good investment for buying villas in Sharjah?

Being one of Sharjah’s newest and most premium communities, Masaar is the best choice for foreign investors and home buyers, having been constructed by the fantastic Arada developer. It invests in villas in Sharjah that are superior and easygoing as compared to other projects.

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