Why Buying Property In Sharjah Is a Better Real Estate Investment Option?

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Photo of thriving Sharjah property market

The Sharjah property market is nothing sort of eye candy for smart investors! This city, which is enriched in cultural heritage, is now being considered the top buyer spot in UAE real estate! Property in Sharjah has now been fulfilling spaces of its landmarks with successful real estate portfolios that make this place an undeniable spot for better, affordable & lucrative real estate opportunities. Whether you opt to buy a villa in Sharjah or look to invest in any freehold property, the charm of Sharjah City will definitely roll out an enticing investment opportunity for every buyer! Let’s check out the factors that make buying property in Sharjah a better option.

Glimpse of Sharjah property market

Photo of thriving Sharjah property market

Before jumping to the reasons why property in Sharjah is popular, let’s have a look at the key points that make this city touch headlines of UAE real estate.

  • In July 2023, properties in Sharjah have enjoyed $517m in transactions.
  • The facility of converting leasehold deeds into freeholds free of cost is making rounds among global investors, encapsulating the weightage of buying property in Sharjah.
  • Sparkling a freehold cycle in Sharjah Property, the city has triggered around AED 1.7 Billion transactions since then. 
  • At the end of the third quarter, the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) registered 4,981 new enterprises, marking an exceptional increase in new memberships this year to smooth out the workflow on property development in Sharjah.
  • Moreover, despite the steadiness of the rental market of Sharjah, despite the hike in rent all over UAE, this city still charms people who look for affordable housing options.

Property in Sharjah is a better investment option, but how?

Photo of thriving Sharjah property market

Property in Sharjah is famous for many reasons, among which reasonable housing options & freehold properties are the most prominent. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We have more to uncover about the Sharjah property market that’s making it better than other UAE emirates.

Sharjah possesses a quieter lifestyle:

A haven of peace for those looking for a slower pace of life, Sharjah whispers tranquillity amidst the UAE’s symphony of bustling emirates. Sharjah is a sanctuary of serenity and affordability, in contrast to its more flashy siblings, who are renowned for their extravagant lifestyles and out-of-control spending. It’s a sanctuary with leisurely daily rhythms, comparatively lower living expenses, and peaceful evenings filled with contemplative contemplation and cultural diversity. Because of its subtle beauty, an increasing number of people are making Sharjah their home; many prefer to spend peaceful nights there while pursuing their goals during the day in the vibrant workplaces of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Near to metropolitan, affordable than others:

Situated at the edge of Dubai’s urban attraction, property in Sharjah provides a work-friendly haven for professionals at an affordable price without compromising the city’s energy. The working population can make a cost-effective compromise by working in the glittering metropolis and returning to the more reasonably priced comforts of a Sharjah house, all thanks to this location close to Dubai’s bustling hub. It’s a calculated move that combines the finest aspects of both places: Sharjah’s moderate cost of living and Dubai’s vibrant employment options. This makes it a wise option for intelligent city dwellers who want to stretch their dirhams farther in pursuing a balanced lifestyle.

The scope of profitability in property of Sharjah:

The property market in Sharjah is booming, and due to the stable economy and strong infrastructure, villas in Sharjah are more sought after by foreigners and investors alike. As 2023 progresses, rental rates are rising, especially for one- and two-bedroom flats, rising by 10% to 20%. In sharp contrast to this upswing, rentals for luxury residences in Dubai have increased by as much as 35%. With over 21,000 deals in Q1 2023 alone, totalling AED 5.9 billion, Sharjah’s real estate transactions reached a high point in 2022 of AED 24 billion, indicating a thriving market that is outperforming its metropolitan neighbours.

Any nationality can buy property in Sharjah:

Sharjah’s glittering property market has experienced a sharp increase in value, with prices rising by a whopping 15 to 20 per cent. This has been brought about by an Executive Council resolution that allows people of all nationalities to purchase various properties in the emirate. With a new office in Sharjah, Metropolitan Premium Properties has expanded its reach to include the Northern Emirates in response to the growing demand and evident growth potential. This calculated move shows trust in the emirate’s developing real estate market and highlights Sharjah’s impressive aspects.


The Sharjah city offers a hint of economic savviness along with a peaceful lifestyle. Here, your investment is treated more like a seed planted in the fertile ground with the hope of producing lucrative returns at the earliest. With its focus on inclusive growth and its feet firmly grounded in cultural history, the Sharjah property market invites investors to make a risk-free investment. It’s the ideal balance of sensible investing and peaceful living. To those who always seek affordable yet profitable investment options, buying property in Sharjah is what you need!  

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