Top 5 reasons why opting for 1% monthly payment plan is feasible?

Right after the inauguration of a stunning villa in Sharjah the most premium destination, the prices turned out to be expensive. This made it accessible for the wealthy owners but the amazing features and amenities that are housed in these stunning residential units escalated the want among investors globally. A villa in Sharjah is among those residing options that come with a stunning range of configurations where an investor or buyer can become a proud owner of these magnificent properties. Therefore investing in a villa in Sharjah has become more famous but what are those mid-wage earners going to do? Are they going to plan something else like a loan etc? No! Because the recently launched 1% monthly payment plan is the optimum solution for all queries!

Stay with us to unravel the exciting payment plan and why villa buyers have been moved by this launch! Is it going to benefit them? What is it? All answers will be given, keep on reading to get the essence of this majestic plan which is going to make renters even property owners.

Investing for a villa in Sharjah for 1% monthly payment plan is the best option for real estate investors.

1% Monthly Payment Plan – Investor’s Most Favourite!  

The 1% monthly payment plan is very easy to follow. All you will do after a certain down payment as mentioned by the developer in the prospectus, will accordingly be submitting 1% of the total price of the property monthly. In about 100 months or maybe after 8 or 9 years, you will become a proud owner of a luxury villa in Sharjah. For example, if a villa is available for AED 2 million, your monthly 1% payment plan will be AED 20,000. It is a fair price for getting a luxury villa in Sharjah easily.

1% Payment Plan Enticing Buyers for Villa in Sharjah

The following reasons will guide you on how a 1% monthly payment plan has affected villa buyers extensively. Let’s discuss it!

1. Easing the Luxury Investments!  

The revolutionary payment plan will allow you to own a luxury villa in Sharjah. This plan has made luxury investments more accessible than before as it is a creative financing strategy offering investors unmatched flexibility to buy easily. You can now own a private villa in Sharjah with this plan at ease.

2. Tenants Becoming Owners!  

The other most promising feature of this payment plan is its transforming nature and eligibility. With this plan, even a tenant can become an owner easily. The price estimated after the payment plan is affordable, especially for villas in Sharjah that are under a million dirhams. Such property won’t be that luxurious but for the time being it is enough which later be sold and earn a good profit to invest in another villa.

3. Investments Regime Escalated!

After the plan’s inaugural there has been a surge in real estate transactions throughout the city. The $ 5.17 billion in sales were recorded with property in Sharjah for 2023 before the 1% payment plan’s popularity. It predicts that being sold at the actual prices soaring such great results then with this plan, a higher number is expected.

4. Bringing in End-user Buyers!  

Sharjah property market is attracting end-user buyers by the allure of a 1% monthly payment plan. By making ownership more accessible, this buyer-friendly strategy not only changes the market but also guarantees a varied and active end-user community.

5. Loan Free Opportunity!

The most promising feature of this payment plan is that it has liberated the investors with huge loans effectively. The most acute and inspiring payment plan has just made it the best opportunity for buyers to make property investments easily without taking any loans.

Where to Buy Best Villa in Sharjah?

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1% monthly plan is escalating the interest of villa buyers to make property investment in Sharjah.


The firstly launched in the Dubai property market’ this 1% monthly payment plan has now taken the whole UAE property market by storm. This launch has derived stunning ways for mid-wage earners and garnered them the most affordable way to get such luxury property in the city. A luxury villa in Sharjah can now easily be bought by the normal buyer or investor through this 1% monthly payment plan. All you have to do is follow the legalities and the given procedures for this particular plan and sign the agreements carefully after a thorough read and you can become an owner of a luxury villa in Sharjah easily. We also have mentioned the most surprising real estate development by the initials “Masaar” where your luxury property dreams will come true.


1. Is a 1% payment plan changing the Sharjah property market?

Most real estate dealings have been glorified with the new payment plan feature in the Sharjah property market. It has escalated the city’s real estate portfolio to a levelling height with maximum transactions due to the 1% payment plan feature.

2. What is the future of the Sharjah property market for 2024?

The booming economy and world-class features providing investors with the best investment possibilities predict a sustainable future for the Sharjah property market. You can invest to buy premium property such as a villa in Sharjah which will benefit you.

3. Are prices for villas in Sharjah falling?

Developers and analysts predict that the UAE’s property prices will rise further due to increased buyer demand but that the luxury market may shift in the second half of 2024. This is enough evidence that there is no chance of prices falling for a villa in Sharjah.

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