Masaar Villa in Sharjah Location Guide

Masaar villa in Sharjah

Masaar Villa in Sharjah is the ultimate investment opportunity in Sharjah city, providing better rental prices, a higher appreciation ratio and massive amenities & facilities than the Dubai property market. This project is easy to quote “the ideal buying property in Dubai” due to its distinctive features, but its location stays dominant in Masaar villas for sale.  Near to Dubai City & affordable in pricing, this project enjoys the highest attraction in the Sharjah property market even after getting almost sold out.

Review of Masaar Villa Phases

Photo of developers discussing Masaar villa in Sharjah

Before diving deeper into the project, let’s unveil the details of Masaar Villa phases that have captivated buyers’ attention with excellent grip.  The project is based on 7 phases, among which Robinia Masaar is completely sold out. However, other clusters of Masaar are left with only a few units.

1- Sendian

The Sendian Masaar villas in Sharjah are the first phase of the project. This exclusively designed phase offers 2,3,4&5 bedroom townhouses and villas at market-competitive prices.

The starting prices of Sendian Masaar 2-bedroom villas are AED 1,197,000.

2- Saro

Saro Masaar villas and townhouses are another exemplary development within the project. Standing on the title of the 2nd phase of Masaar, this community offers 2,3,4,5 & 6 6-bedroom villas and townhouses for sale in Sharjah.

The starting prices of Saro Masaar villas and townhouses are AED 1,821,000.

3- Kaya

Kaya Masaar is another phase of this thriving project in Sharjah. Kaya Masaar offers luxuriously designed 2, 3, 4 & 5 bedroom villas and townhouses in this phase. These units fit right in the buyer’s ideal home checklist by providing serene views, smart home technology & spaciously designed units.

The starting price of Kaya Masaar is AED 1,270,000.

4- Robinia

Robinia Masaar infused with serenity & smart home technology, this phase has outperformed the whole Masaar project.  This sold-out phase has offered 2,3,4 & 5 corner end & forest-themed villas and townhouses.

Robinia Masaar’s starting prices are AED 1,374,000.

5- Azalea

Another eco-friendly community of Masaar is Azalea. Azalea Masaar offers 566 villas and townhouses based on 4,5 &6 meticulously designed bedrooms in this phase.

The starting price of Azalea Masaar villas and townhouses are AED 1.49 Million

6- Sarai

The 6th phase of Masaar Villas is offering 6- & 8-bedroom mansions for sale. With its remarkable amenities, prestige designs, and architectural marvels, this phrase has become the first priority for affluent buyers.  It is located between Azalea and Sequio.

The starting price of grandeur Sarai Masaar is AED 20,500,000.

7- Sequoia

The Sequoia Masaar is the 7th phase of Masaar’s thriving community, captivating the buyer’s attention in it’s each category. Surrounded by lush greenery & eco-friendly spaces, this phase offers 2, 3, 4, 5&6 bedroom villas and townhouses. Sequoia Masaar is located at the forefront of Emirates Road, making connectivity among all phases easier.

The starting price of Sequoia Masaar is AED 1.7 Million.

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Masaar Villa in Sharjah – The complete location guide

Photo of a thriving community of Masaar Villa in Sharjah

Here’s the complete location guide, highlighting the enriched proximity of Masaar villas, making it one of the most convenient projects in the Sharjah property market.

The Pin location of Masaar by Arada

The location of Masaar by Arada villas in Sharjah is Al Suyoh Suburb, a developing neighbourhood in Sharjah. With close connectivity with Dubai & dominant landmarks of Sharjah, this project remains the ideal choice for Dubai & Sharjah’s residents.

Nearby Educational Institutes of Masaar Villas by Arada

  • Al Ansar International School
  • Fatima Al Zahra Primary and Secondary School for Girls Sharjah
  • New World American Private School
  • American University of Sharjah
  • University City Sharjah

Many academic institutions serving various needs are tucked away in the bustling town of Masaar Villas by Arada. Let’s talk specifically about the school system available near Masaar Villas. Residents may find a well-known international school and nursery in the centre of this residential oasis, giving families easy access to high-quality education.  

Additionally, homeowners of villas for sale in Masaar Sharjah can discover prestigious establishments like GEMS Our Own English High School Sharjah Boys Branch, which provides a thorough CBSE curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12 within a short drive.

The educational environment is enhanced by the proximity of New World American Private School, which is well-known for its comprehensive approach to teaching and ample sports facilities. Residents of Masaar Villas benefit from a rich educational environment because of the proximity of other prestigious institutions, including Al Ansar International School and Fatima Al Zahra Primary and Secondary School for Girls Sharjah.

Higher education options are also easily accessible at the prestigious University of Sharjah and the American University of Sharjah. These straightforward approaches to educational institutes make Masaar by Arada the perfect choice for family-oriented owners.

Masaar Sharjah’s nearby Shopping and Dining Delights

A thriving retail therapy and dining centre is next to Masaar Villas. A wide range of retail establishments, eateries, cafés, and convenience stores are anticipated in these villas for sale in Masaar Sharjah, providing locals with easy access to dining and shopping.

Additionally, homeowners may discover Rahmania Mall and Zero 6 Mall, ideal locations for shopping or dining at one of their numerous restaurants in a short commute.

Top Eateries Spot near Masaar Villas

Take a 20-minute drive from Masaar Villas to embark on a culinary adventure with many eating alternatives. Residents can enjoy a wide variety of gastronomic delights, such as Green Tea Restaurant’s aromatic cuisine and Bab Al Punjab’s rich flavours.

Dhaka Restaurant and Karachi Star Restaurant have delicious international cuisine that will entice your taste buds. Additionally, residents may visit some of Sharjah’s best restaurants, including Crisol, Black Salt, and Jimmy’s Shack, in just 27 minutes by car, guaranteeing a unique culinary experience.

Beachside Escapes

Masaar Villas provides quick access to Sharjah’s tranquil beaches despite being tucked away in the city’s centre. Residents may enjoy a leisurely 40-minute journey along Al Dhaid Road to Al Khan Beach and Al Fisht Beach, where they can relax and soak up the sun.

Leisure Pursuits and Landmarks

Masaar Villas is conveniently close to several famous monuments and popular recreation areas, making it an excellent choice for nature lovers and leisure seekers.

The Sharjah Desert Park, an oasis of biodiversity and cultural history, is only a short 17-minute drive away. Discover the rich flora and fauna of the region by visiting the Arabian Wildlife Centre, the Natural History and Botanical Museum, the Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife, and other attractions.

Fans of horses can get their fill at the Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club, which is only a fifteen-minute drive away and hosts exciting horse racing events in addition to a well-known riding school. The stunning Wasit Wetland Natural Reserve and the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club are neighbouring attractions offering countless leisure and relaxation opportunities near Masaar Villas.

3 Recreational Activities Near Masaar Villas Location

Photo of cycling track in Masaar villa in Sharjah

This project is the complete package for pursuing a social, personal & professional life with an outstanding balance. Here’s the list of recreational activities in Masaar by Arada.

Woodland cycling track

With the green spine of 50,000 trees in Masaar, the project features a woodland cycling track where residents can indulge in healthy activities. The cycling track of Masaar is the ideal outdoor exercise location, whether you’re looking to work up a sweat or take a leisurely ride through the peaceful woods. The fresh air, the natural environment, and the delight of pedalling through a serene wooded scene are all available to cyclists.

Spacious Gymnasium spaces

Enjoy your lifestyle with highly equipped gymnasiums and fitness centres, encouraging residents to remain conveniently fit while residing in their dream abode. Apart from their physical advantages, Masaar’s fitness centres and gymnasiums act as social hubs where locals can meet and interact with other neighbours with similar interests in fitness and health. These social areas help people feel like they belong in the community, whether participating in friendly competitions, group fitness courses, or sharing workout advice and support.

Outdoor Sport spaces

Masaar provides a variety of outdoor sports facilities, such as parks with tennis, squash, and swimming pools. With easy access to these facilities, residents may lead active lifestyles that promote well-being and a sense of community in the energetic Masaar by Arada neighbourhood.


The Masaar villas in Sharjah are the finest yet most productive community of UAE, offering buyers competitive prices and many facilities. With its almost sold-out 7 clusters of Masaar, this project has stood dominant in UAE real estate news.  The project’s strategic location remains the main highlight for Sharjah and Dubai residents.

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