Arada welcomes residents in Megaproject Masaar Villas

Expose yourself to the serene and fresh environment at Masaar Villas in UAE. The community developed by Arada developers in Sharjah is making a buzz in the luxury property market with its pure beauty.  Arada is all set to welcome the first residents to Sharjah’s lush green and forested megaproject.

430 Units Completed – Megaproject Masaar Villas by Arada

According to the reports Arada the renowned developers of Masaar has completed the homes in the megaprojects. The initial completed homes are in the Suyoh district of Sharjah. The handover process of all 430 homes in the exclusive district of Sendian district has begun.

This is one of the highly anticipated projects in the UAE. The Masaar townhouses offered to the buyers are two-bedroom and five-bedroom exclusive Park villas. each of the villas is equipped with loads of luxury amenities. The property provides the occupants with comfort and elegance.

According to the HRH Prince, Vice Chairman of Arada:

“Ever since its launch, Masaar has been one of the bestselling projects in the UAE, with buyers drawn to its beautiful woodlands, nature-inspired architecture and world-class amenities.”

Compelling Design and Architecture

The contract of this beautiful megaproject was assigned to Intermass and Kharafi. Besides the meticulously designed interiors are by Dewaan Architects who contributed as a design and supervision consultant.

Only a Few Units Left

The best villas for sale in Sharjah where your children and you get complete comfort are Sendian villas. The price of these extraordinary villas with exceptional design comes with the astonishing price of AED 1.19M for 2BR. Booking is from only % and the payment plan is structured as 30/70.

If you want to buy a 3BR the price would be AED 1.4M, followed by a 4 BR villa priced AED 1.6M and lastly 5BR villa with AED 3.4 M. There are only a few units left for sale in this esteemed project. Most of the property prices in Sendian district fall under the category of homes under AED 3M.

What’s Coming Up!

The next phase of this compelling Masaar project includes the completion of 986 homes in the second and third phases. The construction of these homes is currently in process and is anticipated to finish by the end of 2024. After the completion of this face, the contract will be awarded for the remaining segments of the timeless beautiful project.

Masaar by Arada, A Complete and Luxury Living Experience

Arada is welcoming its first residence into a living space that is complemented with complete luxury and comfort. The community’s central precinct was inaugurated officially in September 2022 by HH share Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan al Qasimi who is also the deputy ruler of Sharjah and Crown Prince. This place is full of luxury amenities and facilities for the residents.

Masaar villas and townhouses are equipped with family-friendly entertainment spots, a Zad food truck district, a children’s adventure playground and a spacious lounge for organizing special events.

According to the Group CEO of Arada Ahmed Alkhoshaibi:

“The feedback we have received from the first residents who have started moving into Masaar in recent months has been exceptional, underlining our commitment to setting a new standard of living for the UAE.”

Sendian District – Hub of Luxury

Although Masaar’s other districts are under construction, but Sendian district has left everyone stunned. The precious Masaar villas are equipped with all the facilities you could ever imagine.

Even if you are thinking about smart homes; yes, Masaar Villas smart homes include smart lighting and appliance control. This will make you love Masaar villas more. Besides the tech-incorporated homes, the following are some of the facilities, Sendian villas specifically offer for the residents:

  • Covered car parking
  • Guest bathroom
  • Two balconies
  • Under stairs storage area
  • Garden
  • Outdoor terrace

Signature of Megaproject Masaar Villas

Figure 4 Green Spine Area of Masaar Villas

Megaproject Masaar Villa is set to be finished by the end of 2026. the project of Masaar Villas UAE offers 3,000 townhouses and villas starching over a master plan of 19 million square feet. All the districts of the Masaar project are gated and connected by its signature feature. This feature includes an extremely green landscape a walkable ‘green spine’ consisting of 50,000 trees.


Megaproject Masaar Villa is special and close to the heart of its buyers. This is because the project is equipped with every luxury you could think of. Besides, the Arada developers having a prestigious legacy are welcoming its first residents in the completed district of Sendian. The project is ongoing and is under construction with other phases getting completed one by one. The Masaar villas are exceptionally well-planned and beyond the definition of a residential complex. This mega-project, villas are also extremely affordable for buyers, and investor-making is a hot choice for them. Moreover, the stakeholder response regarding the sale of Masaar villas also indicates the success of this marvel.

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