6.6KM cycling track is finally opened in Masaar Megaproject, welcoming professional cyclists 24/7 a day!

Masaar Sharjah cycling track is levelling up the developments charm exceptionally.

Living in the most abundant places like Masaar villas for sale transforms your luxury living to another level of finesse and refinement. You can or may neglect luxury for a period, but compromising on the environment is not bearable. The luxurious developments being built at a massive number are turning heads to ponder whether elevated construction is unsuitable for the environment. Well! Developments are still being carried out, preferring a great climate as an essential measure. One such development is Masaar villas for sale! Masaar Villas Sharjah exceptionally raises the living standard and quality.

The terrific development carried out by Sharjah’s exceptional developer Arada, Masaar villas for sale is a perfect example of quality living by keeping eco-friendly and heavily rich natural aspects. Later, we will discuss many factors that will make the residents lead healthy and content lives. The recent launch of a fantastic cycling track has made headlines, which we will discuss in this blog. So get ready to tread with us on a stunning journey in the beautiful state right at the very famous location Al Suyoh’s Masaar villas for sale.

Masaar Sharjah cycling track is levelling up the developments charm exceptionally.

Cyclists! Put Your Helmets On, as Masaar Sharjah’s Hottest Track is Open Now.

Indeed, this is very exciting and amazing news for the residents! Masaar Sharjah villas for sale, despite having an array of exceptional amenities and features, now welcome the best feature, which has been long awaited since the development began. The spontaneous, quick selling of Masaar projects raised the status of the state’s real estate platform, with many residents moving in since the selling of 813 Masaar villas for sale estimated at AED 2.34 billion in the first half of 2023 projected resident’s interest towards the cycling track which now is open to entertaining them.

Masaar Sharjah’s Cycling Track Specifications

This 6.6-kilometer circled cycling track, arranged inside the forests of the Al Suyoh locale, offers a noteworthy encounter for cyclists, obliging the two novices and experts. There are three well-lit underpasses and a bridge on the 24-hour circuit. The track is famous for highlighting three brilliantly lit underpasses and one scaffold; the circuit has been painstakingly planned considering both novice and expert cyclists and is open 24 hours per day, expressed the designer.

Further Facilities & Amenities

Besides, The Circle, a cycling centre at the core of Masaar Sharjah, is presently open to the general public. The hub has a café serving various snacks and beverages, cycle rentals, cycling gear that can be purchased at an on-site shop, and bike services. Neighbouring The Circle is Zad, a food truck left by Arada that offers various eating choices from seven distinct outlets.

Arada! The Developer with High Reputation Brings Masaar Sharjah for Investors!

Arada has additionally shown its obligation to advance cycling by supporting Abu Dhabi’s most memorable beginner cycling crew, Rabdan, in front of the 2023-2024 hustling season. Rabdan Cycling Crew involves ten center-dashing individuals and 20 local area riders. Masaar Sharjah Track is already being used as a training facility by the all-Emirati cycling team. The development is well-lit by the launch of the fantastic cycling track, which has elevated the charm of Masaar villas for sale. Arada, the best developer in the state, promises its buyers supreme luxury and facility, out of which Masaar projects pop up ultimately. So stay with us and get your dream home right at the heart of the state. 

Masaar Sharjah track is now open 24 7 to entertain cyclists.

Buy Masaar Sharjah Villas for Sale; Enjoy Cycling, Strolling, & Much More with Us!

We know you have been enticed by the whole perspective about the development’s exclusiveness and grandeur, making it far better than any other option. So you must be looking for a platform to avail yourself of the best-ever constructed villas in UAE with Masaar Sharjah! Visit us and enjoy the best real estate with stunning amenities such as its gigantic 6.6 km cycling track, heavy and lush greens, dedicated trees in every property, smart home technology, and other attractive features that will lead you to a heavenly life. Get your investment plans ready, as Masaar villas for sale won’t wait as investors’ eyes and hands are lurking over them. Save time and become the owner of the best residences.   

With a Masaar villa for sale in Sharjah you can access the 6.6 KM cycling track to enjoy the living.


Having or launching a development is not just one thing. Keeping essential measures such as a healthy environment and nature-induced homes is necessary for quality living, which currently can be availed with Arada’s Masaar villas for sale. The developer’s keen insightfulness towards healthy living is seen through the exceptional development of Masaar villas for sale. Masaar Sharjah is the pinnacle in the real estate realm. With such eclectic features as a dedicated tree in every villa by Masaar Sharjah, the stunning cycling track surrounded by lush vegetation and landscape has added more value to the development. So what are you waiting for? Looking for deals? Visit Masaar and conquer the best property investment in UAE with Masaar Sharjah.


1. Is Masaar Sharjah a good investment?

Purchase a Masaar Sharjah villa for excellent rental pay, which flaunts uncommon highlights and top-notch conveniences. The most significant benefit for real estate investors is the potential for substantial rental income from buying Masaar villas for sale in Sharjah.

2. What is UAE cycling?

UAE Group Emirates (UCI group code: UAD) is an Emirati street bike dashing group. The group contends at the UCI World level and has done as such since the UCI World Visit was framed as the top class of street cycling in 2005.

3. What is the payment plan for Arada’s Masaar Sharjah?

Arada’s exceptional property, Masaar Sharjah, can be availed with a down payment of under 10%. The best payment plan is further associated with manageable monthly instalments. If you want to get your investment done right, visit Masaar Sharjah; we have the best solution!

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