5 Reason why Masaar Sharjah is Left with Fewer Units

Masaar Sharjah by Arada up for sale

The renowned developers of Sharjah ‘Arada developers’ have designed a stunning seven-cluster-based neighbourhood known as Masaar. If you want to experience the pinnacle of beauty at Sharjah Masaar is the place, developed with a blend of traditions, peace, and culture. The seven Masaar clusters are as follows: Saro, Sendian, Sarai, Robinia, Sequoia, Azalea, and Kaya. Every cluster is equipped with world-class amenities and offers breathtaking views, due to which buyers are shagging this property even though some of the clusters, are completely sold. Let’s discuss each cluster and the 5 major reasons why fewer units are left in Masaar.

5 Reasons why only a few units of Masaar Sharjah are Left

Figure 2 Masaar Sharjah Villas

Here are the 5 major reasons why few of the residential units are available for sale in Masaar projects.

Masaar Villas – Disrupting the Property Market

The first major reason behind few residential homes are left in the seven clusters by Arad developers is the property boom. This project has completely changed the behaviour of the Sharjah luxury property market. As the project is based on seven phases, out of which Robinia is completely sold, the project has grabbed the attention of buyers.

Robinia Masaar is unique due to its fusion of smart modern homes with serenity. This project has outperformed and reached the status of completely sold out. This cluster offered 2, 3, 4 and 5 forest-themed and corned-end townhouses and villas.

Attractive Investment Opportunity – Invest Now and Enjoy Later

The second key reason that leads to only fewer units available at Masaar-clusters is its potential. From the launch, Masaar Arada remained an attractive opportunity with an average rental profit of 5%. The prices of Arada have recorded a 35% increase in sales from the past year making it an extremely demanding property in Sharjah.

The well-developed infrastructure and seamless beauty have increased the interest of the investors in buying Masaar Villas in Sharjah up for sale. The competitive Emirates of Sharjah and steady foreign investment are among the reasons why buyers, are grabbing this property at every cost leaving fewer units available.

Affordable Property – Attracting Massive Number of Buyers

the affordable price of the Masaar premium property leads to a higher number of buying and few left units. According to the statistics, Masaar clusters are easy to buy or affordable as compared to the other properties with similar attractions. Moreover, the property prices of these villas are 48% less expensive than Dubai market. Due to the comparatively inexpensive prices buyers are hurdling towards Masaar by Arada.

The Sendian cluster in Masaar starts at AED 1.1M. The Saro villa is starting with price of AED 1.8M. The Kaya cluster starts with AED 1.2M. Robinia cluster starts with AED 1.3M. Azalea ranges from AED 1.49M, Sara with AED 20M and Sequoia Masaar cluster by Arada with starting price of AED 1.7M.

Prominent Benefits – Enjoy Life like Never Before

The fourth reason why the Masaar project by Arada is left with fewer units only is the prominent benefits. The location of each previously mentioned Masaar cluster offers proximity to institutions, schools, and nurseries that are well-known in Sharjah.

Masaar Homes by Arada

Each of the Masaar clusters has loads of exclusive amenities. These facilities include green parks, a secure community, furnished with branded accessories, spacious villas, unique and distinguished floor layouts. Above all, easy access to dining outlets, shops, retail stores, and entertainment areas, and a family-friendly environment is a plus!

Vision-Driven Architecture – Inspired from unimagined

The fifth and last reason is vision-driven and well-planned architecture, leaving only fewer units available at Masaar by Arada developers. Arada crafts the Masaar phase with the focus on majestic, comfortable and elegant living.

The Robinia cluster incorporates principles from Sanskrit Vastu Shastra. Additionally, the Azalea design embodies a premium lifestyle-driven approach. The architectural brilliance of Masaar properties by Arada is attracting buyers to own the units quickly.


Masaar Sharjah by Arada developers consisting of seven phases or clusters including Saro, Sequoia, Azalea, Robinia, Kaya, Sarai and Sendian. Robinia cluster has completely sold out! However, the demand for this symbol of luxury is still soaring and succeeded in keeping the attention of investors converged. Besides the seamless beauty and prestigious developer, high ROI, good investment opportunity, comparatively less expensive property, and modern amenities makes the project successful.

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